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City of Perth Library

city of Perth library

Perth City Library

The City of Perth Library is a modern and well-equipped public library located in the heart of Perth, Western Australia. Established in the early 20th century, the library has a rich history of serving the community with a diverse range of resources and services.

Library Location

The library is situated at 573 Hay Street in the central business district of Perth, making it a convenient location for both residents and visitors to access its resources and services. The library has a spacious and light-filled interior, creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for visitors to study, work, or contemplate.

Perth Library Collection

The library's collection is comprehensive, offering a wide range of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and e-resources to meet the needs of its diverse patrons. Its extensive collection of books covers a wide range of subjects, from fiction and non-fiction to history, science, and more. Patrons can also access a vast collection of magazines and newspapers, including both local and international titles. The library's DVD collection features the latest movies, documentaries, and TV series, as well as a wide range of educational and informative content.

Online Resources

In addition to its physical collection, the library also provides patrons with access to a wealth of online resources, including e-books, e-magazines, and e-newspapers. These resources are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easy for patrons to access the information they need, whenever they need it.

The City of Perth Library is not only a great place to access information and resources, but it is also a great place to study and work. The library has a wide range of study spaces, including private study rooms, quiet areas, and open spaces, making it easy for patrons to find the perfect place to study or work. The library also provides free Wi-Fi and computer access, making it a convenient place for patrons to get online and complete their work.

For those who need to print, photocopy, or scan documents, the library has a range of resources available. Patrons can use the library's printers and photocopiers to produce high-quality printouts and photocopies, or they can scan their documents and save them to a USB drive.

How to Join

Joining the City of Perth Library is easy and straightforward. To become a member, simply visit the library in person and fill out a membership form. Memberships are free for residents of the City of Perth, and there are also membership options available for non-residents.

The library has clear conditions of use, which are designed to ensure that all patrons can enjoy the library's resources and services in a safe and respectful environment. These conditions of use include rules around the use of library resources, such as books and DVDs, as well as rules around behavior in the library.

External Book Returns

For those who are unable to visit the library in person, the library also has an external returns chute on Hay Street. This chute is open 24/7 and is a convenient way for patrons to return their library items without having to visit the library in person.

The City of Perth Library is a modern and well-equipped public library that provides a wide range of resources and services to its patrons. Whether you're looking for a place to study, work, or simply contemplate, the library is the perfect place to do so. With its comprehensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, and e-resources, as well as its range of study spaces, computer access, and free Wi-Fi, the library is a valuable resource for the community.

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